Canadian Experience Class

After an individual has lived and worked in Canada as a Skilled Worker for a certain period of time they will usually have acquired official language skills, Canadian work experience, and transferable skills that can be readily utilized in Canada.

The Canadian Experience Class allows eligible temporary foreign workers the opportunity to make the transition from temporary residence to permanent residence.

In order to be eligible to apply under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) an individual must meet the CEC criteria such as:

  • Having at least 12 months of full-time (or an equal amount in part-time) skilled work experience in Canada in the three years before you apply
  • Having gained your experience in Canada legally, and with the proper authorization
  • Meeting the required language levels needed for your job for each language ability in speaking, reading, writing and listening
  • Planning to live in any province other than the province of Quebec

Skilled Work Experience

According to the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC), skilled work experience means:

  • Managerial jobs (NOC skill level 0)
  • Professional jobs (NOC skill type A)
  • Technical jobs and skilled trades (NOC skill type B)

Self-employment and/or work experience gained while you were a full-time student (for example, on a co-op work term) does not count under this program.

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