Family Reunification

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“My wife and I found out about Visa 2 Canada almost by accident – we could not have been happier with our luck. To have such a service in my home town has been a blessing. The service has been very good with flexible scheduling as we gathered our relevant documentation that can be challenging at times in Tanzania. They have also provided very up to date advice as to processes and requirements. We really gained a lot confidence going through the application preparation and at point of submission the processing was incredibly smooth. That is in no small part due to the support for assisting to compose a very well-organized immigration application. I would recommend Visa2Canada to anyone as I have worked on applications myself for general travel of my wife from Tanzania to Canada. It was a lot of work on getting the package together – far less organized correctly. Visa2Canada helped us with not only a successful application, but more our peace of mind.”

Josh and Letisia Sebastian

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