Temporary Work Permit

A work permit only grants temporary authorization to work in Canada. In some cases, trade, licensing, or regulatory body approval may be required. In many cases, a foreign worker must have obtained a job offer based on a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from their potential employer. In addition, foreign workers from some countries will require a Temporary Resident Visa.

Visa2Canada Immigration and Settlement Services has successfully guided numerous foreign workers through their work permit application process and would be happy to look into your possibilities as well.

Many workers who first entered Canada on a temporary basis are currently permanent residents. This happy outcome is the result of a thorough assessment of their personal situation, and expert assistance by Visa2Canada in the initial stages of their application.

We are proud that many of “our” workers remain with an employer and make Canada their permanent home.

Depending on the job classification, Visa2Canada will include a work permit application for the spouse in their client services.

If a prospective applicant would like to work in Canada but is in need of a qualifying job offer, we would recommend submitting a resume for our database. However, before we agree to upload resumes into our database, we require an Initial Consultation with prospective applicants. We do not make any exceptions. We need to know who our applicants are, where their expertise lies, their goals, background, family circumstances, and many more details before we are able to refer an employer to an applicant’s resume.

Please note: We do not find jobs for applicants but we work for the employer in need. We recruit foreign workers and offer employers access to our database. For that reason, it is important that a potential applicant’s profile and resume are included in our database; this detail could be the key to an applicant’s eligibility to work in Canada.

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