A work permit only grants temporary authorization to work in Canada.

There are many rules, regulations, and policies for obtaining a work permit and the process can actually be quite complicated. Some temporary workers are work permit exempt. But a work permit is usually required in cases where a foreign worker engages in activities that directly compete with Canadian workers, paid or unpaid, or even as a volunteer. Visa2Canada Immigration and Settlement Services will assess an individual’s qualifications and personal situation and provide advice on their eligibility to work in Canada; we will help the applicant determine the best route (stream) to follow.

Visa2Canada will always keep in mind that the final immigration goal of a work permit applicant would be permanent residence in Canada. The applicant’s route to apply for a work permit needs to be tailored toward that end, and we will diligently research the exact route and any challenges you might face.

If we are retained by the applicant, we will also provide representation and guidance throughout the application process for a temporary work permit.

Many Temporary Foreign workers (TFWs) will be subject to a four-year ‘cumulative duration’ limit on the length of time they may work in Canada.

If an employer has made a job offer to a worker who has reached, or is close to reaching, the four-year cumulative duration limit, the work permit application may be refused or the duration of the work permit may be limited.

TFWs are asked to keep thorough records to clearly document the time they have spent working in Canada.

After a TFW has reached their four-year cumulative duration limit, they will not be granted another work permit in Canada until an additional four years has passed. After that time has elapsed, the worker will again be permitted to work in Canada.

NOTE: Some categories of workers will be exempt from the cumulative duration regulation. Visa2Canada can advise applicants regarding current regulations.

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